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Tips on How to De-Stress Today

1. Engage in paired muscle relaxation.

Rid your body and mind of tension and stress by combining muscle relaxation with breathing out. First, breathe deeply and tense your body muscles. Notice the tension in your body. While breathing out, say "Relax" or "Calm" in your mind and let go of the tension. Notice the difference in your body as you practice paired muscle relaxation during times of stress.

2. Try to practice paced breathing.

This breathing technique is extremely effective in lowering stress levels. Breathe deeply into your belly. Slow down your pace of inhaling and exhaling. The exhale can be longer than your inhale. For example, inhale for 5 seconds and exhale for 7 seconds. (Consult your healthcare provider before using paced breathing if you have a heart or medical condition.)

3. Reminisce on your favorite vacations or memories.

Think back to some of your favorite trips spent with others and why they stand out in your mind. When you feel yourself getting stressed, crack open a scrapbook or photo album from your favorite times.

4. Have a quiet evening to yourself or with your partner.

Watch a favorite movie, order a delicious meal in, and enjoy peace and serenity.

5. Engage in social activity.

We tend to isolate when we feel stressed. Make a plan to visit your local church or community center, call up a relative or friend.

6. Get in touch with nature.

Go outdoors to immediately de-stress your mind. Sunshine, fresh air, and a leisurely walk have the power to turn your mood and mindset in a short amount of time.

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