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How To (Effectively) Give A Compliment

Are you struggling with how to compliment others effectively? Or perhaps you recognize others' insincerity when they give you a compliment?

Here is a quick and easy 3 step guide to effectively give a compliment:

1) Use the person's name.

Everybody perks up when our name is used!

2) Be as specific as possible.

Save the commonplace adjectives and try using more unique words that better fit the compliment. Instead of saying "You're patient", try being more specific with the reason you are giving the compliment, for example, "I really appreciate the way you take your time when you speak with me."

3. Ask a question.

Don't let the compliment and conversation stop there. By asking a question, it shows you are truly interested. Just make sure you listen to the answer. For example, ask "Where did you get your shirt?" or "How do you find the time to be so patient when your schedule is so busy?"

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